All You Need to know About Outdoor Photography Studios

Outdoor photography studio

The concept of an outdoor photography studio shares much similarities with the conventional photography studio(indoors) we are all used to. The concept of an outdoor photography studio is a basically a photography studio that is set up outside; in an open environment. This is a kind of photography studio set up in an open field, under a tree, beside your house, in your backyard and just about any open environment with space.

All you need to know about outdoor photography studio

An outdoor photography studio is usually a temporary and quick set up which a photographer can use to achieve that photography studio feel and looks even outdoors. This kind of set up is perfect for campus photography, student photographers, matriculation ceremonies and just about anything you want to achieve without an indoor photography studio.

Benefits of outdoor photography studio

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An outdoor photography studio might not make sense to some people who have not come across it before, but trust me, it is a staunch alternative especially if you cannot afford an indoor photography studio. The benefits of outdoor photography studio are just so numerous and we are going to look at some them.

  • An outdoor photography studio is a very budget friendly alternative to an indoor photography studio. You don’t need to worry about renting a shop, painting, air condition, expensive fittings and decorations etc.
  • An outdoor photography studio is very easy set up and does not require any form of expertise.
  • An outdoor photography studio is highly mobile as you can just decide to move your studio around anyhow and as many times you think is necessary. Location is never a limitation with an outdoor photography studio.
  • You can manage both outdoor and indoor photography studio seamlessly and in different location with little help. This makes it possible for you to be known as a photographer in different locations which is an excellent method for becoming really popular.
  • Outdoor photography studio can be handled easily along with studies within a campus for photographers who are studying and still wish to work.
  • Since the studio is outdoors, photographers can choose to play with natural light and invest less in light equipments.
  • You do not need to worry about power for powering up your light because shooting with off camera speedlights is the right path to take for now.

The weather can be a real setback to having an outdoor photography studio. Since the studio is outdoor, it is exposed to all weather elements and unfavorable weather conditions like the sun, rainfall, snow etc. Also an outdoor photography studio won’t be that appealing to many people compared to an indoor photography studio.

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Outdoor Photography Studio: What you need

Basically, a photography studio is all about backdrops and lights! An outdoor photography studio follows the same convention. Here are some basic things you need:

  •  A large backdrop of good quality.
  • An open space.
  • Backdrop stand. You can always construct one yourself with whatever material you have
  • Speedlights (at least two) with HSS capabilities
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  • Flash trigger (we wanna make sure we fire all Speedlights off camera
  • Light modifiers (diffusers, flash softbox)
  • Reflectors
  • light stand
  • Basic furniture. You can decide to make it more appealing by introducing elaborate furniture


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An outdoor photography studio is not an entirely new concept as most photographers have been exploiting the idea. If you do not have enough budget a conventional studio, you can easily set up an outdoor photography studio and start earning something. Look for a strategic location like a campus and start doing your thing. You can also set up one in your street and see how it goes.

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