My Jumia Overseas Shopping Experience

When it comes to online shopping in Nigeria, so many people find it really sceptical and unreliable including myself but my experience with Jumia Nigeria changed my line of thought for good.

My Experience with Jumia

Some weeks ago, I wanted to get a manual speedlight for my Sony mirror less camera, unfortunately, I was on a very tight budget so I decided to just dig around the internet and maybe find myself some sort of deal. My first stop was Jumia Nigeria and I found the prices of most of the speedlight there ridiculously cheap plus there were original products with good quality. My eyes could not believe what I was seeing so I cleared my browser history and restarted it, went back to Jumia Nigeria again and I was greeted with the same good news.

Well, I really wanted an affordable manual speedlight so I decided to “risk” it. Reluctantly, I opened an account with Jumia Nigeria with details like my name, Email and residential address. The speedlight which I wanted ( a triopo) was to ship from overseas which heightened my sixth sense. Items that ship from overseas take an average of ten to twenty business days to deliver according to Jumia Nigeria . Now that was another red flag.

However, I placed the order and selected the option of pick up station which was very close to my place. Now things started getting really interesting when I chose to pay with Jumia pay: I was given a discount of 5%. Jumia pay is the best online payment as far as I am concerned. Read more about Jumia Pay Here.

After placing my order and everything (the product shipped from China), I was sent a mail to confirm my order which I did. Two days later, I got a confirmation message that my product had shipped along with a tracking code. ¬†Could you believe my package landed with six working day? Just last week, I was called to come pick up my package at the pick up station which I chose. The following day, I just strolled down to Jumia’s warehouse and claimed my package. The package was well sealed with my name and phone number written on over it.

Here is what it looked like after opening it.

The only thing I don’t like about buying from Jumia Global is the delivery period which is a bit lengthy plus products that ship from overseas lack warrantee. There is no pay on delivery for products that ship from overseas.

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Aside that, everything is great. Most of the products that ship from overseas can hardly be found in the Nigerian market. For instance, I couldn’t find replacement battery for my Sony camera anywhere in Nigeria but I did find it on Jumia although it ships from China. I have placed my order already.

I think Jumia Global is a great place to buy affordable, scarce and original cameras and other accessories in Nigeria. Shipping is quite fast plus there is no way you are going to get scammed. I recommend Jumia Global 100%

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