Five Ways Of Making Money Through Photography

Every profession deserves a dose of innovation and creativity from time to time and photography isn’t an exemption. I must confess that the number of photographers have sky rocketed over the past few years and this have led to serious competition. This should not discourage you dear photographers at all because in this article, I will be sharing five ways of making cool cash through photography without stress. We are going to explore other methods of earning money through photography apart from the conventional “snap-print-get paid” style of photography. You can mix things up and see what works for you as a photographer.

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Five Ways Of Making Money Through Photography: Freelancing:

The first step in getting this particular method right is picking the exact photography field you want to step into. You can decide to go into wedding photography, pet photography, landscape photography, nature, wildlife, e.t.c. or you can even combine different field if you can handle it.

As a freelance photographer, you are your own boss, you work for no one. All work is done per contract basis. As a freelancer, you strive to woo client through different marketing strategy at your disposal. A good way to easily get client is creating a portfolio. Apart from that, having an online portfolio which could be in form of some your works uploaded to your social media handle.

Freelancers may decide to handle different jobs for different clients at a particular time and that’s just the beauty of freelancing.

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Shooting Upcoming Models: 

This is a very effective method as all you need to do is strike a deal with young and aspiring models, propose a portfolio which you will create for them. You can choose a date and location for the said shoot and please, charge them reasonably.

Hey! All these slay queens love to have their photo taken, they want high resolution images with excellent quality plus aesthetically pleasing and creative shots (something mobile phones can’t offer) and that is where you come in my dear graphers.

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Selling Stock Photo:

There are several websites you can sell your photos to and get paid. Sites like shutterstock, flickr, dreamstime and a host of others offer a vibrant market place for easy sale of photos. All you need to do is create an account with them and start selling!

Designing Photobooks:

With basic knowledge of graphic design and even photoshop, you can design and package photo books for other photographers who are too busy for a little token. It’s quite an easy task which can be accomplished within a few hours. Again, you need a portfolio and a way of reaching out to potential clients in order to get jobs in no time. Make sure you know what you are doing so you don’t end up ruining your clients’ job.

Organization Of Photography Tutorials:

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This methods works very well but it should be knowledge oriented rather than money. The focus here is to teach and impact knowledge and not to make quick money.

Money can be made from photo tutorials which you can organize from time to time in order to teach photography. You can charge attendants little token depending on all the logistics involved. The said tutorial will be a great skill acquisition scheme and all you need to do is to create a massive awareness campaign to let people know exactly what you are up to.


Make sure you know what you are doing, don’t gather people and start lying to them; feeding them with wrong information. Make sure you understand photography in details.


It will be counter productive if we restrict ourselves to just one method of doing things. The methods I highlighted works very well for me and you should not be scared of trying it out and even taking steps to formulate other methods of raking in cash.


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