Cheap Lenses You Should Check Out For Canon, Sony and Nikon Cameras

Quality glasses will go a long way in the production of quality and sharp images. Quality lens are not cheap in any way, you will have to break your account to get a very good quality lens. But today, we have good news for you! We have compiled a list of quality lenses that won’t break your account. These lenses are so cheap that you will be tempted to buy, I mean they cost way below fifty thousand naira (about 189 USD).

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My Story

When I started photography, I always looked at lenses as expensive, people had ridiculous price tags slapped unto their lenses, people always had awful lens stories to tell and even the guys who wanted to sell their used lens had this funny attitude and high price tag. One thing I did realised was that: I was looking at lenses from a wrong angle and I was looking at the wrong kind of lenses(APS-C vs Full frame lenses), no wonder they had outrageous price tags.

I really don’t wanna bore you with long talk, so let us have a look at some cheap good quality lenses you can get for below fifty thousand naira:



Canon lens

We are going to start with lenses that are compatible with canon cameras and I am going to include third party lenses too.

Canon 50mm f1.8 II: this lens is the definition of “alaha”. Its a prime lens perfect for portrait photography and videographers who wants to achieve that nice bokeh. You can get this lens for 35k to 50k max in Nigeria. You want to get it cheaper than that? Then try the second hand market.

Sigma 55-200mm f4-5.6 DC

This lens is so cheap that you get it for 25 thousand naira street price in Nigeria. This is a zoom lens that can all the way to 200mm. The max aperture value can be a turn off for some though.

Canon 35mm

Canon EF 35mm f2:  this is the birthday/wedding ceremony kind of lens. So if you shoot events like birthdays, weddings, graduation, then this lens is your guy. It produces sharp and detailed images, perfect for that low light indoor condition plus it is very cheap. This lens cost like 30-45 thousand naira max. You should try the second hand market to get even cheaper deals.

Canon 18-55mm IS

You must be familiar with this lens if you shoot canon. This lens is image stabilized and comes as a kit lens with most entry level Canon DSRL cameras. This lens and the 50mm f1.8  are a nice combo. This lens ranges from 25-35k in Nigeria. You can always try the second market for cheaper deals.

NB: all the aforementioned lenses are for APS-C sized canon cameras which are incompatible with canon full frame digital cameras

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Sony cameras uses two different lens mounting system which are:

  • A-mount
  • E-mount

The naming convention is something like this: A-mount lenses always start with “SAL” while E-mount lens start with “SEL”. E-mount (FE lenses are the Full frame version of E-mount lenses) lenses are scarce and pretty expensive, plus they have no second hand market in Nigeria. Got it? Now let’s proceed:


Sony SEL pz(power zoom) 16-50mm f3.5-5.6: this is a very compact and little lens and its retractable just like your pocket point and shoot digital camera. It is inexpensive and bundled with most Sony Nex cameras as kit lens. You can get this lens for around 40k-50k in Nigeria. You can also check out the Sony SEL 18-55mm lens too.

Sigma 30mm f2.8 DN: this is an excellent prime lens which is relatively inexpensive. It is an E-mount lens which is small and light weight and can open up all the way to f2.8 which is juicy for shooting  in low light condition and creating that nice bokeh. This lens should cost around  35k-50k if at all you can find it in Nigeria.

Sony SAL 55-200mm f4-5.6: this lens is prefer for portraiture and sports. This lens is quite slow, but you can get this baby for a steal. Price ranges from 18k-35k in Nigeria. This is not an E-mount lens so I am pretty sure you can find a second hand deal.

Sony SAL 50mm f1.8:  this lens offers real value for money. The lens is cheap and produces excellent images,perfect for portraiture, plus the f1.8 max aperture makes it a true low light darling. Price for this lens ranges between 35-50k in Nigeria. You can try the second hand market for even cheaper deals

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In my opinion, Nikon offers a wide range of lenses more than any DSRL manufacturer out there. I am so impressed with what Nikon is doing in Nigeria today, I mean they are the only camera manufacturer that truly care about us afteral. Ok, let’s go nikon:

Nikon 50mm

Nikon 50mm f1.8 :  this lens from Nikon is cheap and offers terrific image quality despite it’s cheap price tag. Did you all notice that every camera manufacturer out there have their own version of “niffty fifty” 50mm prime lens? Maybe they are all in some kind of league, who knows? This lens will cost between 30k-50k in Nigeria. NIKON has a strong presence in Nigeria so  why don’t you try the second hand market for cheaper deals.

Nikon 35mm f1.8:  perfect for parties and ceremonies. Pretty cool for landscape and all these won’t cost you much with this awesome lens from Nikon. This is a fast prime lens designed for Shooting even in low light conditions. This lens won’t break your bank plus you can get it for around 35k to 50k in Nigeria.

Nikon 55-200mm VR:  this lens is perfect for portraiture and sports photography. This is a pretty slow although it produces great images. A fast zoom will cost nothing less than 200 thousand Naira, so practically, you get what you pay for. The price of this lens ranges between 30 thousand naira to 50 thousand naira in Nigeria. You can also check out the Tamron 70-300mm LD or even the 70-300mm nikkor (Fx-mount)if you really want to get damn close. Price ranges from 25-40k in Nigeria. The 18-55mm VR is just around 25k-35k in Nigeria, you can check that out too.

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Don’t let any dealer or seller fool you or try to cheat you with outrageous price tags. I did an in dept research on prices before publishing this article. Use the prices here as your guide when you are bargaining.

If you have any question, use the comment box below. I reply almost instantly to queries.


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